dodge ball

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also dodge ball  (dŏj′bôl′)
A game in which players on one team try to eliminate players on another by hitting them with an inflated ball.

dodge ball

1. (Ball Games, other than specified) a game in which the players form a circle and try to hit opponents in the circle with a large ball

dodge′ ball`

a game in which players are eliminated by being hit with an inflated ball.
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Dodge ball, parkour and other activities keep things interesting and fun.
Have fun inside giant Zorb balls, play dodge ball at the game and activity zone and experience the thrills of a trapeze artist in this awesome playground.
Game shows and dodge ball matches were also held there was also a movie screening.
Rockin' Jump said the park will keep the existing Open Area Trampolines, Dodge Ball Arena, Foam Pit Arena, Lazer Frenzy and Arcade.
It will feature gravity-defying activities including a warrior course, free slam, glow, dodge ball, fitness classes and toddler sessions, as well as a large freestyle area.
Young Leaders at Ravenswood is a group of trained Years 5 and 6 pupils who do activities with the younger children at lunchtime, organising sports including dodge ball, basketball and athletics to help keep everyone fit and active.
While inviting pop star Shawn Mendes (a quick Google revealed he would probably be beyond our limited budget) might be out of the question, the rest of the requests like a chocolate fountain, dodge ball game and rounders seem perfectly doable.
He said that the indoor trampoline park will include a an open jump area, trampoline dodge ball courts, jousting challenges, a massive rock climbing wall, and a full-service pizza cafe and restaurant.
The planned park was set to contain: A "Big Kids" jumping area |with connected trampolines; | Another "Little Kids" jumping |area for children seven and under with connected trampolines; A foam pit to practice stunts |and tricks; A sports ground for sports |such as dodge ball and volleyball.
DODGE BALL Lisburn's Robert Morrow flicks the ball past Banbridge Rangers opponent Bradley Harper
The design includes a dodge ball arena, fitness area and a three-lane long trampoline which allows free jumping into a foam pit.
The programme included a marathon, a relay race, a basketball match, a six-a-side football match, a tug-of-war competition, dodge ball and sack race.