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(ˈdʌz ənt)
contraction of does not.
usage: See don't.
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Actress and model Wilma Doesnt's eldest daughter, Asiana, recently wowed at her prom, proving that she, too, can work it just like her mom.
Theyve had more team success when leading scorer Zach LaVine doesnt play.
It doesnt matter if its legal or illegal, or right or wrong.
These crimes have nothing to do with the things that a woman does or doesnt do for her husband.
As Gary Miller pointed out long ago, the man who clears the trash from in front of your house does a useful job ndash doesnt he?
Im socially conservative as well as economically conservative, and Idaho just offers more freedom that California doesnt have.
But SB's disappearance from NZ and his reappearance in the States does raise an interesting thought: Why doesnt he test the waters for a 1st CD run in NH?
But the property doesnt have to become a hotel, and it doesnt have to remain standing.
This doesnt end here, if a client is unsatisfied with the services, then on termination of the project in the first 72 hours, Atlas offers 100% money back guarantee.