dog breeding

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breeding - the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization
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He said that garbage heaps lying everywhere in the city was also a cause of rapid dog breeding.
He said that garbage heaps lying everywhere in the city were also a cause of rapid dog breeding.
Dogs from the 470th Dog Breeding Center outside Moscow are among the most decorated in Russia.
At the Parliamentary Inquiry in November last year, the AVA recommended that the government establish a breeder register, regardless of the number of dogs bred, much like what was introduced in Queensland earlier this year, to promote responsible dog breeding.
This work for general readers and scholars chronicles the evolution of dog breeds and dog breeding in the 18th and 19th century, investigating the technological and aesthetic forces that led to the creation of dog breeds and shedding light on human-animal relations.
is an original and seminal work of simply outstanding scholarship and will prove to be of immense and enduring interest to both academia and non-professional general readers with an interest in the history of dog breeding and human/canine relations.
The whole question of how dogs are conceived, raised, and distributed is an urgent and often heartbreaking one, and "The Dog Lover," the first investigative drama in memory that dives deep into the issue of dog breeding (it's based on a true story), gets a lot right.
The conditions in this dog breeding establishment were shocking and it was imperative it be shut down.
Jackie will keep them for six weeks after which they will be handed over to the Guide Dog Breeding Centre in Bishop's Tachbrook, near Leamington, which trains around 1,000 pups a year.
A dog breeding licence must be held by people keeping three or more breeding bitches on their premises, the rules state, and the maximum number of adult dogs and puppies to be kept must be stated on the licence.
He explained that competitive dog breeding in England became a fad among the wealthy.
The Maera Kennel wants to bring dog breeding in Egypt up to international standards.