dog flea

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Noun1.Dog flea - flea that attacks dogs and catsdog flea - flea that attacks dogs and cats  
flea - any wingless bloodsucking parasitic insect noted for ability to leap
Ctenocephalides, genus Ctenocephalides - an arthropod genus of fleas
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"Why didn't you get a can of dog flea powder for Brutus while you were at it?' was my reasonable question.
PDSA VET IAN FLEMING ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS QI used a dog flea product on my kitten, by mistake.
He revealed that a substantial number of cats are now dying because owners are buying dog flea treatments cheaply from the internet and using them on cats.
In fact, the Lyme disease spirochete has been isolated from virtually all blood-sucking insects: deer tick, brown dog tick, lone star tick, American dog tick (also mentioned by Potter), black-legged tick, Western black-legged tick, dog flea, cat flea, rodent flea, bot fly, horse fly, deer fly, and at least 15 species of mosquito.