dog racing

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: racing - a race between dogsdog racing - a race between dogs; usually an occasion for betting on the outcome
race - a contest of speed; "the race is to the swift"
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Even after decades of humanitarian activism, the United States - alongside Australia and Britain - remains one of the biggest markets for dog racing.
And that's how it happens that dog racing and One-Eyed Jacks poker co-exist in an aging facility on Old Bradenton Road.
But racing experts said they believed the sale could spell the end of dog racing on the site.
A further search revealed two more computers being used for online gambling and betting on horse and dog racing on an illegal betting site.
The dog racing triple dead heat saw the noses of Murlens Houdini, Lightning Speed and Tinas Luke all finish the race within one-hundredth of a second of each other.
ANIMAL rights protesters have vowed to demonstrate outside Coventry Stadium in Brandon every week after dog racing resumed at the track on Sunday night.
This year sled dog racing fans will be able to track their favorite teams via global positioning system satellite navigation during the World Championship Sled Dog Race.
With the bill to both outlaw dog racing retained in committee in the House, another option that both anti-dog racing and the tracks themselves like has re-emerged in House Bill 2, the state budget plan.
The state's results were certified Tuesday by a vote of the Governor's Council, which means the governor will send winning candidates an official notice of their election and new statutes adopted by referenda to decriminalize possession of marijuana and prohibit greyhound dog racing are set to become law Jan.
Synopsis: While in general, Americans do not favor giving animals the same rights and protections as humans, 38% do favor an outright ban on horse and dog racing.
Representatives of Bags and the greyhound industry came together on Monday for a function to mark four decades of daytime dog racing, during which Bags chief executive Tom Kelly spoke of "the smooth delivery by the tracks of the type of service betting shop customers want".
The mailing asserted that the members voted in support of "the law the gamblers want on horse and dog racing," never pointing out that the overall effect of the bill would be to roll back internet-based gambling.