dog show

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: show - a competitive exhibition of dogsdog show - a competitive exhibition of dogs  
show - the act of publicly exhibiting or entertaining; "a remarkable show of skill"
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Seeing a stranger, the dog showed his teeth and growled.
These domestic instincts, when thus tested by crossing, resemble natural instincts, which in a like manner become curiously blended together, and for a long period exhibit traces of the instincts of either parent: for example, Le Roy describes a dog, whose great-grandfather was a wolf, and this dog showed a trace of its wild parentage only in one way, by not coming in a straight line to his master when called.
A FORMER Crufts judge will rate the abilities of canines at a new dog show in the north-east.
PRIDE Cymru and Dog's Trust have joined forces to bring the first-ever dog show to Pride Cymru's Big Weekend in Cardiff later this month.
THE Mowgli Trust Dog Show is returning to Claremont Farm, on Wirral, and this year it will be even bigger and better than before.
Having raised over [pounds sterling]100,000 through the "[pounds sterling]1 on the bill" initiative at Mowgli Street Food, on Water Street, founder Nisha Katona launched The Mowgli Dog Show last year to raise even more for the hospice.
There will be a Fun Dog Show and Dog & Terrier Racing.
A PAPILLON named Dylan has been crowned Best in Show at the 2019 Crufts dog show.
The 2019 American Rescue Dog Show will steal hearts over two nights.
KARACHI -- There was barking, whining, whimpering, howling, huffing, growling, yipping and yelping, all coming from one direction, the outer area close to the main gates of the Karachi Expo Centre on Sunday where the Dawn All Breed Dog Show organised in collaboration with the Pakistan Kennel Club was under way.
The City District Nazim, Peshawar Mohammad Asim Khan inaugurated the international dog show.
Qatar Animal Welfare Society (QAWS) hosted the Woofstock Dog Show last Friday with the participation of over 100 dogs.