dog-and-pony show

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dog-and-po·ny show

 (dôg′ən-pō′nē, dŏg′-)
n. Slang
An elaborate presentation orchestrated to gain approval, as for a policy or product.

[From the razzle-dazzle of trained animal acts at circuses.]
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AS the 2008 presidential dog-and-pony show stockpiles more money than ever, conventional wisdom dictates that those with the largest purse strings -- not a gender reference for the Hillary fans out there -- will make it especially difficult for the financially challenged among them to not be labeled "dead men running.
The thrust of the event was a kind of cool-out strategy, a dog-and-pony show.
YOU might have missed it amid all the pomp and circumstance surrounding inaugurations in Sacramento and in Washington, but a smaller dog-and-pony show took place earlier this week, when Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa took to the nation's capital.