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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - having the approximate size of an average dog
sized - having a specified size
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Football-crazy dog, Sam, who has a collection of impressive dog-sized Liverpool kits to match his dribbling skills
The new findings of the small, dog-sized marsupial (Wakaleo schouteni) shows many similarities to other marsupials of the genus Wakaleo.
Now, though, SoftBank has its eyes on the fetching and carrying capabilities of BigDog and Spot, the dog-sized pack robots developed by BostonDynamics.
However, experts are said to be "less certain" and the dog-sized creature is due to be taken 1,160 miles to regional capital Yakutsk for studies.
The next day, when participants checked the camera, a dog-sized rodent known as a lowland paca was seen walking from left to right at the bottom-center of the screen.
Visitors to Agate Fossil Beds National Monument can see the remains of other extinct creatures (in addition to the Palaeocastor, above) including small camels called Stenomytus, dog-sized rhinoceroses known as Menoceras, and "bear dogs," such as the Daphoenodon, whose name means, evocatively, "blood-reeking tooth.
com) boasts an invasion of giant dog-sized ants, and anthropomorphized chairs, which reflect its position as hosts of the fantastic open air club, right next to the Hard Rock Hotel, (www.
The fossilised skeleton of the dog-sized creature, a theropod dinosaur, is described as a cousin of the giant tyrannosaurus rex and is believed to be the earliest specimen of a Jurassic era dinosaur ever to walk the Earth.
Nana the dog makes a startling entrance through a dog-sized door flap, then bangs his head on exiting before getting stuck completely.
Archosaurs, whose living relatives are birds and crocodilians, are of interest to scientists because it's thought that they led to animals like Asilisaurus, a dinosaur-like animal, and Nyasasaurus parringtoni, a dog-sized creature with a five-foot-long tail that could be the earliest dinosaur.
And you might want to save a little of your sleepness night too to get in a lather about possible genetic difficulties, such as the changes that appear to be making the cancer that affects the Tasmanian devil, a dog-sized kind of marsupial, infectious and so far untreatable.
Sure, it will work if good bullets are used with surgeon-like precision on dog-sized deer, but work and excel have different definitions.