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 (dôg′fīt′, dŏg′-)
a. A violent fight between or as if between dogs.
b. An illegal, organized fight between dogs, arranged for spectator entertainment and betting.
2. An aerial battle between fighter planes.
v. dog·fought, dog·fight·ing, dog·fights
1. To arrange illegal dogfights.
2. To engage in a dogfight.
To engage in a dogfight with.

dog′fight′er n.
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aerial combat
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Unlike dogfighting in most other countries, these matches were being held openly, with little fear of prosecution.
The incident came to light in March when Anne Arundel County police received information regarding dogfighting in the area.
DPO Sohail Khalid told Dawn that the ban was aimed to eradicate the menace of dogfighting from the society, especially among the youngsters.
"We are yet to find out where exactly this fighting ring is, but we know there are two locations in Bahrain which have dogfighting rings - Saar and Tubli.
THE latest game from mobile gaming experts Miniclip, has you taking to the cockpit for some aerial dogfighting.
Jim McGovern for sponsoring a successful amendment to the farm bill to crack down on illegal dogfighting and cockfighting.
We explored both the extent of approval/disapproval of cockfighting and dogfighting and the personality and animal attitude correlates of such approval versus disapproval.
Known to her caretakers as Fay, Number 118 was one of the more graphic surviving illustrations of dogfighting. (6) Press reports describe other dogs as missing ears, legs, (7) and eyes.
In a powerful reaffirmation of the First Amendment, the court struck down a federal law that criminalized videos of dogfighting and other forms of animal cruelty, saying the law violated free speech rights protected under the Bill of Rights.
But the sporting star was exposed as part of the cruel, underground world of dogfighting during a BBC undercover investigation in 2007.
Disgraced NFL star Michael Vick made his first public appearance for the Philadelphia Eagles and expressed remorse for bankrolling a dogfighting ring, an offense that sent him to prison.