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 (dô′gĭsh, dŏg′ĭsh)
1. Relating to or suggestive of a dog.
2. Surly; gruff.
3. Informal Showily stylish.

dog′gish·ly adv.


1. (Zoology) of or like a dog
2. surly; snappish
ˈdoggishly adv
ˈdoggishness n


(ˈdɔ gɪʃ, ˈdɒg ɪʃ)

1. like a dog; canine.
2. surly; mean.
3. stylish and showy.
dog′gish•ly, adv.
dog′gish•ness, n.
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These are continent, to be sure: but doggish lust looketh enviously out of all that they do.
An old black dog was sitting by her, his nose resting on his lap, his big doggish eyes full of mute, imploring sympathy and devotion.
Tom received the compliment with becoming modesty, and began to look as affable as was consistent, as John Bunyan says, "with his doggish nature."