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 (dô′gĭsh, dŏg′ĭsh)
1. Relating to or suggestive of a dog.
2. Surly; gruff.
3. Informal Showily stylish.

dog′gish·ly adv.
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1. (Zoology) of or like a dog
2. surly; snappish
ˈdoggishly adv
ˈdoggishness n
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(ˈdɔ gɪʃ, ˈdɒg ɪʃ)

1. like a dog; canine.
2. surly; mean.
3. stylish and showy.
dog′gish•ly, adv.
dog′gish•ness, n.
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To identify these dimensions, it is necessary to probe below the surface of this worn out, yet doggishly resurgent, charge of Arab leaders against the threat posed by "Shiism" in order to reveal the causative factors behind this renewed focus on sectarianism.
After all, if the film's denouement is inconsistent with April's adventurist arc, it is consistent with the low hero's gradual transformation into a doggishly loyal mate and with the film's myriad borrowings from romance fiction.
A hound stares at the reflection of the torch in the water, doggishly amazed to see a fire in the sea beneath its paws.