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 (dô′gĭsh, dŏg′ĭsh)
1. Relating to or suggestive of a dog.
2. Surly; gruff.
3. Informal Showily stylish.

dog′gish·ly adv.
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1. (Zoology) of or like a dog
2. surly; snappish
ˈdoggishly adv
ˈdoggishness n
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(ˈdɔ gɪʃ, ˈdɒg ɪʃ)

1. like a dog; canine.
2. surly; mean.
3. stylish and showy.
dog′gish•ly, adv.
dog′gish•ness, n.
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She also does not include the detail that Zeus afflicted the Pandareids with a disease called "dog." These additional elements show Zeus punishing male characters for theft through inflicting doggishness on young women, motifs also at the core of the Pandora myth.
Of special interest in relation to domestic discord and doggishness in The White Devil are his arguments that a dog was sacrificed in imitation of Greek purification rites, and that the Luperci dressed in dog skins because of an association between dogs and 'Lares': 'The Lares are spirits of punishment, like the Erinyes, overseers of lives and households' (The Roman Questions, trans, by H.