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 (dôg′gôn′, -gŏn′, dŏg′-) Informal
tr. & intr.v. dog·goned, dog·gon·ing, dog·gones
To damn.
interj. & n.
adv. & adj. also dog·goned (-gônd′, -gŏnd′)

[Alteration of Scots dagone, alteration of goddamn.]
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(ˈdɔgˈgɔn, -ˈgɒn, ˈdɒg-)

v.t. -goned, -goning, v.t.
1. to damn; confound.
2. Also, doggoned. damned; confounded.
3. Also, doggoned. damned: a doggone poor sport.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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adj (US inf) → verdammt (inf)
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Take advice from an old timer, parson, and make back tracks, for nothing 'ill fetch 'em except a regular doggoned good pounding."
After a few months I gave the doggoned thing away and have done all my checkering ever since then in my lap, usually seated on the couch or in a comfortable chair.
And doggoned if Gerson didn't blame the current mess that's become the Republican Party on, of course, President Obama.
While I make no claims in the expert department, I have experienced some pretty doggoned good luck in ground blinds, thus qualifying me as "reasonably experienced."
Testifying that he had been as "high as a Georgia pine," (30) Zehmer and his attorneys argued that the alleged contract had been a joke between two "doggoned drunks." (31) Zehmer had immediately retracted his purported acceptance, and the next day a presumably more sober Zehmer had informed Lucy that he had no intention of holding Lucy to the alleged agreement.
And this is his song; 'O, the sun is so hot, and the day is so long.' Then when he couldn't think of anything right away to go with it, he repeated the same lines: 'O, the sun is so hot, and the day is so long.' But by that time maybe he had a new thought, 'And that is the reason I am singin' the doggoned song'" (VLH, Track 5).
Wells's Algebra, which I mentioned was my high school nemesis, and I worked every problem in the doggoned book.
What has he done but twist and skew and distort and discolor and belittle and be pretty this whole doggoned country?