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also do·gy  (dō′gē)
n. pl. do·gies Western US
A stray or motherless calf.

[Origin unknown.]
Word History: In the language of the American West, a stray or motherless calf is known as a dogie. The origin of this word remains uncertain, but Ramon F. Adams, the author of numerous works on western Americana and a cowboy himself, offered one possible etymology for dogie in his book Western Words. During the 1880s, when a series of harsh winters left large numbers of orphaned calves, the little calves, weaned too early, were unable to digest coarse range grass, and their swollen bellies "very much resembled a batch of sourdough carried in a sack." Such a calf was referred to as dough-guts. The term, altered to dogie according to Adams, "has been used ever since throughout cattleland to refer to a pot-gutted orphan calf." Another possibility is that dogie is an alteration of Spanish dogal, "lariat." Still another is that it is simply a variant pronunciation of doggie.
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(ˈdəʊɡɪ) ,




n, pl -gies or -geys
(Agriculture) Western US and Canadian a motherless calf
[C19: from dough-guts, because they were fed on flour and water paste]
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(ˈdoʊ gi)

n., pl. -gies. Western U.S.
a motherless calf.
[1885–90, Amer.; orig. obscure; alleged to be doughg(uts) + -ie]
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Noun1.dogie - motherless calf in a range herd of cattle
calf - young of domestic cattle
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