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 (dôg′năp′, dŏg′-)
tr.v. dog·napped, dog·nap·ping, dog·naps or dog·naped or dog·nap·ing
To steal (a dog).

dog′nap′per n.


vb, -naps, -napping or -napped, -naps, -naping or -naped
(tr) to carry off and hold (a dog), usually for ransom
[C20:from dog + kidnap]
ˈdognapper, ˈdognaper n
ˈdognapping, ˈdognaping n


(ˈdɔg næp, ˈdɒg-)

v.t. -napped -naped, -nap•ping -nap•ing.
to steal (a dog), esp. for the purpose of selling it for profit.
[1945–50, Amer.; dog + -nap]
dog′nap•per, dog′nap•er, n.
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As the story unfolds of unhappy Dalmatian couple Pongo and Missus searching for their dognapped offspring, they are confronted with the challenge of how to get them back and also rescue all the other stolen puppies before all are turned into a fur coat for the evil Cruella de Vil.
The DNA Detectives: To Catch a Thief - Dr Mandy Hartley, SJH Publishing - out now WHEN their beloved pooch Milly is dognapped, brother and sister Annabelle and Harry are convinced their nextdoor neighbour is to blame.
When beloved Milly is dognapped, brother and sister Annabelle and Harry are convinced their neighbour is to blame.
Despite a police appeal to trace the dognapped pets, and CCTV of four men captured at the scene, Julie is yet to learn the dogs' fate or hear if police have found those responsible.
Since Oberon, ancient Druid Atticus O'Sullivan's Irish Wolfhound, is a big fan of Sherlock Holmes, he leaps at the chance to do a bit of investigating himself when he discovers that a champion poodle named Jack was dognapped.
The raider put a knife or screwdriver to her throat then dognapped her Jack Russell Chihuahua cross breed and ran off.
When Reilly is dognapped, Joe finds himself drawn into the world of Russian beauty Katya Koremedova, who's on the run from her psychopathic boyfriend Reikhman.
And her owners, whose pet was dognapped just weeks after their new born baby battled for survival, last night spoke of their joy.
It is a fact that Stay has been smuggled, hidden, freed and dognapped many times .
When a dognapper snatches his sweetheart's brother, planning to sell the dognapped victim for money at "the Exchange" in historic Cowtown, it's up to Bailey to rescue the pooch, prove himself to his sweetheart, and save the day
Larry La Trobe was dognapped on the evening of 30 August 1995 from Melbourne's City Square.