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 (dôg′năp′, dŏg′-)
tr.v. dog·napped, dog·nap·ping, dog·naps or dog·naped or dog·nap·ing
To steal (a dog).

dog′nap′per n.


vb, -naps, -napping or -napped, -naps, -naping or -naped
(tr) to carry off and hold (a dog), usually for ransom
[C20:from dog + kidnap]
ˈdognapper, ˈdognaper n
ˈdognapping, ˈdognaping n


(ˈdɔg næp, ˈdɒg-)

v.t. -napped -naped, -nap•ping -nap•ing.
to steal (a dog), esp. for the purpose of selling it for profit.
[1945–50, Amer.; dog + -nap]
dog′nap•per, dog′nap•er, n.
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THREE stolen Chihuahuas have been reunited with their owners after a dognapper demanded a latenight ransom.
If we can, for a moment, forget that the literary influences of "Decoy for a Dognapper" are more likely recent, commercial works as opposed to anything of significant literary merit, there is much to be said about the mimetic power of pop culture to affect the expectations of white America when consuming Native American ghost stories.
A DOGNAPPER who stabbed a man in the back to steal the German Shepherd he was walking has been jailed for five years.
When a dognapper snatches his sweetheart's brother, planning to sell the dognapped victim for money at "the Exchange" in historic Cowtown, it's up to Bailey to rescue the pooch, prove himself to his sweetheart, and save the day!
A neighbour on Kilbarchan Road spotted what happened and gave chase but the heartless dognapper got away.
Not only does Chloe have a dognapper on her trail, she also has to contend with a ferocious Doberman who has his eye on her diamond collar.
(1997) BEVERLY HILLS CHIHUAHUA (Sky Movies Comedy, 4.50pm) A pampered pet dog gets separated from her owner, and is left stranded in Mexico struggling to avoid a dognapper and a ferocious Doberman, who are after her diamond collar.
I didn't want to look like a dognapper, so I walked up and down the road, for an hour or so, knocking on doors trying to find out where he lived, but no one knew.
No dognapper would bother to unravel the chain wrapped twice around the tree, instead of simply unsnapping the clip from Amber's collar, to drag her off.