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or dog pile (dôg′pīl′, dŏg′-)Slang
1. A heap or cluster of people pressed closely together or piled on top of each other, as in celebration or assault.
2. In football, a heap of players that have leapt or fallen on top of a tackled ball carrier or loose football.
3. An outpouring of like-minded criticisms or retorts in response to something: the latest critic to join the dogpile condemning the new TV season.
4. A deposit of dog excrement.
v. dog·piled, dog·pil·ing, dog·piles or dog piled or dog pil·ing or dog piles
1. To form a dogpile around or on top of: The whole team dogpiled the winning pitcher.
2. In football, to form a dogpile on top of (a ball carrier or loose football).
3. To join in the criticism or condemnation of: angry callers dogpiled the controversial talk-show guest.
1. To form a dogpile.
2. To join in an outpouring of criticism or condemnation: bloggers dogpiling on the proposed legislation.
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According to a study conducted by the search engine Dogpile with the University of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania State University, those who search online use 2.
Dogpile, Metacrawler, and Profusion are examples of metasearches that vary in sophistication from compound submissions to inclusion of specialized ("vertical") search engines, personalized site preferences, and subscription services.
Dogpile announced an upgrade of its Dogpile Search Toolbar.
When I find a suspect paper, I look for a unique phrase of six to 10 words and type that inside quotation marks within the search line at the top of Dogpile, http://www.
Web portal Go2Net Inc said Wednesday that it has agreed to acquire metasearch service Dogpile LLC for $55m in cash and stock.