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or dog pile (dôg′pīl′, dŏg′-)Slang
1. A heap or cluster of people pressed closely together or piled on top of each other, as in celebration or assault.
2. In football, a heap of players that have leapt or fallen on top of a tackled ball carrier or loose football.
3. An outpouring of like-minded criticisms or retorts in response to something: the latest critic to join the dogpile condemning the new TV season.
4. A deposit of dog excrement.
v. dog·piled, dog·pil·ing, dog·piles or dog piled or dog pil·ing or dog piles
1. To form a dogpile around or on top of: The whole team dogpiled the winning pitcher.
2. In football, to form a dogpile on top of (a ball carrier or loose football).
3. To join in the criticism or condemnation of: angry callers dogpiled the controversial talk-show guest.
1. To form a dogpile.
2. To join in an outpouring of criticism or condemnation: bloggers dogpiling on the proposed legislation.
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For the second straight day, a line drive found the glove of Louisiana shortstop Stan Wiltz and a dogpile ensued in the infield at Lamade Stadium.
The company does nothing to stop you from looking for stuff on the internet with Bing, or Dogpile or DuckDuckGo.
Shower before Black Friday shopping - your soulmate may be in the dogpile in electronics section at Wal-Mart.
Frank LoBiondo, a New Jersey moderate Republican, added to the dogpile, calling the Texans who voted against Sandy relief "hypocritical based on geography."
The New York Times, naturally, could not resist the temptation to join the leftist media dogpile. The Times editorial board used the Scalise shooting to resurrect the long-discredited charge that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was responsible for the 2011 shooting of Democrat Representative Gabby Giffords (which left Giffords severely wounded and six others dead).
MetaCrawler and Dogpile are the examples of Meta search engines.
"There was this dogpile of people from my delegation hugging me, starting with my bishops.
Social Sciences), Web of Science, Google Scholar, Google Books, and the Dogpile metasearch system.
Massive lag time between pressing a button on the remote and activity on the screen; a search process that makes one long for the days of Dogpile and AltaVista - the list of consumer grievances goes on and on.
Dogpile gives you search results from Google and yahoo index.