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 (dôg′trŏt′, dŏg′-)
1. A steady trot like that of a dog.
2. Chiefly Southern US A roofed passage between two parts of a structure.
intr.v. dog·trot·ted, dog·trot·ting, dog·trots
To move at a steady trot.


a gently paced trot


(ˈdɔgˌtrɒt, ˈdɒg-)

n. ,
v. -trot•ted, -trot•ting. n.
1. a gentle trot, like that of a dog.
2. Southern U.S. breezeway.
3. to go at a dogtrot.

Dog trot

Originally, a two-room log house with the rooms separated from each other by a few feet, and with both rooms and the space between (the dogtrot) covered by a single roof. Later, the same layout was occasionally used when building with milled lumber. The dogtrot design was common in the South during the last half of the nineteenth century, and occasionally, houses built that way could still be seen in the early twentieth century.
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Noun1.dogtrot - a steady trot like that of a dog
lope, trot, jog - a slow pace of running


[ˈdɒgtrɒt] Ntrote m lento
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52) And they were off, soon dogtrotting down Capitol Hill and up Maryland Avenue, as Holmes further observed that in Boston "we always run to fires.