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n. pl. do·jos
A school for training in Japanese arts of self-defense, such as judo and karate.

[Japanese dōjō : , art; see aikido + , place (from Middle Chinese trɦiaŋ; also the source of Mandarin chǎng, gathering place).]


n, pl -jos
(Martial Arts (other than Judo & Karate) & Combat Sports) a room or hall for the practice of martial arts
[C20: from Japanese dōjō Buddhist seminary, from Sanskrit bodhi-manda seat of wisdom]


(ˈdoʊ dʒoʊ)

n., pl. -jos.
a school or practice hall where martial arts are taught.
[1940–45; < Japanese dōjō Buddhist seminary, drill hall]


practice hall.
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Some classes have a Dojo chart on display and they can win prizes for collecting a certain amount of Dojos.
Dojos device and application aware cybersecurity service automatically adjusts the security envelope by constantly monitoring device behaviors.
Larger Dojos, like CoderDojo NYC, tend to meet once a month.
The Bank of Ireland team are thrilled to host the Dojos in their local branches and act as mentors, we have a number of Dojo's already up and running and have plans to launch many more over the coming months.
Irish based provider of financial services Bank of Ireland on Tuesday revealed a partnership with the CoderCojo Foundation with plans to host Dojos in over 50 local communities using the bank's branches nationwide.
in 1980 in Boston, Massachusetts, and there are presently five Shobu affiliate dojos from the Midwest to the East Coast.
Dojos also organise tours of technology companies and appearances by guest speakers to talk about their careers and what they do.
Tudor's jiujitsu cross training reportedly involved the prestigious island dojos of Relson Gracie, Kye Garcia, and JD Doner.
Bahrain is one of just 300 countries to host JKA Dojos, where the key discipline is respect, for all things.
Explaining his teaching style, Barnes shared his key to happiness, learned from years in dojos, Japanese training academies.
Volunteer-led organisation CoderDojo is holding the fun clubs - or Dojos - every month for six to 16-year-olds at e Core at Newcastle Science Central.