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dolichocephalism, dolicocephaly

the condition of having a long or narrow head. — dolicephalic, dolicocephalous, adj.
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McLeary et al16 have found on ultrasonography of the fetal skull that the posterior fossa is not affected by the pressure effects, and the cerebellar diameter is more accurate reflection of gestational age than the biparietal diameter particularly in the presence of abnormal skull shapes like brachycephaly or dolicocephaly.
The interesting notion is that the young patient showed a distinct trisomy of the tenth chromosome, but did not show any of the typical features that a patient with trisomy 10p would typically display (low birth weight, developmental delay, ear abnormalities, micrognathia, dolicocephaly, microcephaly, hypotonia, renal and cardiac abnormalities) (22).
Frequency Percent Down 12 8 ASD 3 2 VSD 2 1.4 PS 1 0.7 PDA 1 0.7 DDH 3 2 Club foot 2 1.4 Cataract 1 0.7 Severe hypospadias 1 0.7 Cleftlip with cleft palate 1 0.7 Dolicocephaly 1 0.7 Hydrocephaly 1 0.7 VACTERL association 1 0.7 Table 2: Mean venous levels of T4 and TSH in congenital hypothyroid (CH) infants without congenital anomalies, with cardiac defects and DS.
The patients characteristically have long, thin extremities, arachnoidactyli, dolicocephaly, with a narrow face and pectus excavatum (pigeon chest).