dollar averaging

dol′lar av`eraging

a method of investing in securities over an extended time by spending a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, so that more shares are bought at lower prices than at higher ones. Also called dol′lar cost` av`eraging.
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Investors of dollar averaging will not be affected by the regulation.
Dollar averaging with regular monthly investments or savings is a good idea, and helps to minimise regret."
dollar in the April-June quarter by 15.7 percent from a year earlier, with the dollar averaging 103.6 yen, causing the company to suffer foreign exchange losses on dollar-denominated sales.
In investment lingo, that would be "dollar averaging," if you're buying stocks.
Dollar Averaging: Investing a fixed number of dollars in stocks at regular intervals, regardless of whether the market is up or down.
Reinvesting interest is another way of "dollar averaging" into the high-yield market.
Nominal dollar averaging calculates the net amount an owner receives during the lease term and them computes the per-square-foot net rental.
The projections are based on the assumption that Japan's industrial production for the current business year will rise 1.3% and the dollar averaging 117.50 yen.