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Dolly in the meanwhile, whose gay heart and head ran upon other matters, passed out at the garden door, and glancing back now and then (but of course not wondering whether Joe saw her), tripped away by a path across the fields with which she was well acquainted, to discharge her mission at the Warren; and this deponent hath been informed and verily believes, that you might have seen many less pleasant objects than the cherry-coloured mantle and ribbons, as they went fluttering along the green meadows in the bright light of the day, like giddy things as they were.
He was also credited with acting alongside Sylvester Stallone and Dolly in the movie "Rhinestone" (1984). 
"Where's my Tom," hollers Dolly in her distinctive Southern drawl as an assistant ushers her down the corridor.
The wooden dolly in Northumberland Square in North Shields was the fifth in a town tradition which dates back to 1814.
Sarah and husband Paul, 41, had driven from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffs, to see Dolly in Manchester, days after she was born.
Later, she tweeted photos of her and Dolly with the caption: "Me and gran gran Dolly gonna' celebrate tonight!" Rihanna also tweeted snaps of grandfather Lionel - and one of Dolly in a gangsta rapper pose.
PLASTIC FANTASTIC: Dolly in 2001 TOUR: Dolly Parton
COUNTRY GIRL: Andrea Pattison performing in the city DOUBLE TAKE: Andrea Pattison as Dolly in the Grainger Market
Barbra Streisand played Dolly in the 1969 movie version and the Coventry cast includes Paul Madden.
Ed Gordon passed away in February 1998 and Dolly in April 1999.
"But perhaps you will be soon," said Dolly in a most heartening way.