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a. A roof or vault having a circular, polygonal, or elliptical base and a generally hemispherical or semispherical shape.
b. A geodesic dome.
2. A domelike structure or object.
3. Geology Any of various natural structures having a rounded shape, especially:
a. A system of strata that is uplifted in the center, forming a concentric anticline.
b. A mass of granite that has been weathered into a rounded shape by exfoliation.
c. A mound formed by the extrusion of viscous lava from a volcano.
4. Chemistry A form of crystal with two similarly inclined faces that meet at an edge parallel to the horizontal axis.
5. Slang The human head.
6. Archaic A large, stately building.
v. domed, dom·ing, domes
1. To cover with or as if with a dome.
2. To shape like a dome.
To rise or swell into the shape of a dome.

[From French dôme, dome, cathedral (from Italian duomo, cathedral, from Latin domus, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots) and from French dôme, roof (from Provençal doma, from Greek dōma, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots).]

dom′al (dō′məl) adj.


of or pertaining to a dome


- Means of or pertaining to a house or houses.
See also related terms for houses.
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Croix belt is marked by the domal area of high temperaturelow pressure contact metamorphic zone surrounding the Tower Hill pluton.
The second type corresponds to small domal structures developed on sandstone bed tops, which are preserved as positive epirelief (Fig.
DOMAL A Building material of clay and cow dung B Having the form of a dome C Title given to Catholic dignitaries who am I?
According to details SI WAPDA Mian Muhammad Hamid, X-en PESCO Zaman Afridi and Muhammad Ayaz Khan on the special instructions of SDO Urban Shams Abideen, SDO Domal Ameer Gul, SDO Ghoryala Muhammad Ali, SDO Waral # 2 Muhammad Atif Khan, DA Saifullah Khan, Pakistan Wapda Hydro Union Division Chairman Pir Assfaq Khan, Secterary Information Umer Ali Khan, Chairman Domal Dil Aslam Khan, Tahir Wasim, Hassan Ali, Inayat Ullah, Hasim Ali, Irfan Khan, Syed Abas Shah were included in a team.
Furthermore, domal uplift, rifting and magmatism were contemporaneous at several localities within the eastern East European Craton, suggesting that all these processes have been caused by a cluster of mantle plumes.
Dark and glassy-looking rhyolites occur in two small, domal outcrops exposed at Sadurous and Boodher of size1.