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Noun1.dombeya - any of various shrubs or small trees of the genus Dombeya grown for their rounded clusters of exquisite often sweet-scented flowers usually hanging beneath the leaves
genus Dombeya - genus of African shrubs or small trees
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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They might find themselves in Mauritius, where they will see Dombeya mauritiana, a tree that was thought to be extinct in the wild until Kew's renowned 'plant messiah' Carlos Magdalena found one growing in the Mauritian highlands.
As especies Dombeya wallichii (n = 5), Callistemon viminalis (n = 1) e Sapindus saponaria (n = 2) tambem sao indicadas para arborizacao, sendo Dombeya wallichii e Callistemon viminalis de caracteristicas ornamentais notaveis (LORENZI et al., 2003) e Sapindus saponaria com grande beleza devido a sua copa globosa e perenifolia (LORENZI, 2008).
Specimens include the "loneliest tree in the world", the cycad Encephalartos woodii from South Africa, and the Dombeya mauritiana tree, thought to be extinct in the wild until one was found growing in the highlands of Mauritius.
Species Name Mean basal area Density Dominance Juniperus procera 0.18 119.85 21.63 Olea europaea 0.08 50.74 4.09 Clutia lanceolata 0.06 10.2 3.1 Acacia abyssinica 0.11 7.35 0.78 Hibiscus crassinervius 0.01 0.9 0.55 Dombeya torrida 0.1 8.6 0.4 Species Name Relative dominance Rank Juniperus procera 66.98 1 Olea europaea 12.66 2 Clutia lanceolata 9.6 3 Acacia abyssinica 2.41 4 Hibiscus crassinervius 1.7 5 Dombeya torrida 1.24 6 Table 3: Basal area comparison of Yemrehane Kirstos Church Forest with other forests.
The other woody species associated with this community type include Dombeya torrida, Embelia schimperi, Lepidotrichilia volkensii, Pavetta oliveriana, Maesa lanceolata, Rubus apetalus, Croton macrostachyus, Allophylus abyssinicus, Erythrina brucei, Phytolacca dodecandra, Myrsine melanophloeos, Olinia aequipetala, and Ficus sur.
After ten years as the winemaker at Morgenhof Estate, Rianie took up the mantle of general manager and winemaker at Haskell and Dombeya Wines in 2004.
Cryptic dioecy and lesky dioecy in endemic species of Dombeya (Sterculiaceae) on La Reunion.
capensis, Cassia didymobotrya, Lantana kitu, Rbus natalensis, Prumus Africana, Euclea divinorum, Dombeya goetzenii, Bridella micrantba, Croton macrostacbyus, Acacia mearnsii, Eucalyptus spp., Acacia gerardi, Acasia nilotica and Balanites aegyptica [6,7] and in Tanzania: Diplorhynchus candylaccarpon, Combretun spp and Olea Africana [8].
Paratypes: SOUTH AFRICA: Limpopo: 1[female] together with holotype (NCA, 2012/1818); 2[female] same locality as holotype, 24[degrees]26.831'S 28[degrees]36.529'E, 1310 m, canopy fogging Dombeya rotundifolia, 3.ii.2011, C.
Effects of habitat fragmentation on Dombeya acutangula (Sterculiaceae), a native tree on La Reunion (Indian Ocean).