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Adj.1.dome-shaped - having the shape of a dome
rounded - curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged; "low rounded hills"; "rounded shoulders"
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Behind the Castle swells a great dome-shaped hill, forest-clad, and beyond that a nobler and loftier one.
How much space is there between the branch of the tree and the dome-shaped ceiling?
Then Tip's fears were proven to be well founded; for with the first streaks of gray dawn they looked over the sides of the sofas and discovered rolling plains dotted with queer villages, where the houses, instead of being dome-shaped -- as they all are in the Land of Oz -- had slanting roofs that rose to a peak in the center.
To the right the country was more or less mountainous; that is, solitary hills stood up from its level, with stretches of cultivated land between, amongst which we could see groups of dome-shaped huts.
Of the three species tested, the one that performed best in the low-pH conditions was Siderastrea siderea, commonly known as massive starlet coral, a slow-growing species that forms large dome-shaped structures.
Paint them and then hang these dome-shaped beauties from the ceiling of your porch or from a tree branch.
This book shows young readers how engineers use the engineering design process to design dome-shaped structures that suit the environments in which they are built.
The new, dome-shaped building, with a diameter of 27.6m and a total height of 13.7m, would be on grassland to the north of the existing depot, which has been bought by the county council.
Viewed from the top, the Chocolate Hills form a rolling terrain of mounds which are mostly conical or dome-shaped.
Other restaurants set to join TGIs and Nandos at the Speke site include Wagamamas and a huge dome-shaped Cinema and coffee bar which looks set to open later this summer.
Scientists at Newcastle University and the University of California found that when corneal cells were placed on a dome-shaped surface, they grew over the structure in a lattice.
The head of Aso Farm Land resort, Katsuyuki Kitagawa, designed the dome-shaped cabins after being inspired by his work in the Japanese confectionery industry, Konishi said.