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Noun1.domestic help - a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the householddomestic help - a servant who is paid to perform menial tasks around the household
ayah - (in India) a native nursemaid who looks after children
home help - a person hired to help in another's home (especially one employed by a local authority to help the infirm with domestic work)
housekeeper - a servant who is employed to perform domestic task in a household
housemaid, maid, maidservant, amah - a female domestic
servant, retainer - a person working in the service of another (especially in the household)
skivvy, slavey - a female domestic servant who does all kinds of menial work
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مُساعَدَه مَنْزِلِيَّه
pomocnice v domácnosti
pomoc v domácnosti


(dəˈmestik) adjective
1. of or in the house or home. a domestic servant; domestic utensils.
2. concerning one's private life or family. domestic problems.
3. (of animals) tame and living with or used by people.
4. not foreign. the Government's domestic policy.
doˈmesticated (-keitid) adjective
1. (of animals) accustomed to living near and being used by people. Cows and sheep have been domesticated for many thousands of years.
2. good at doing jobs associated with running a house. My husband has become very domesticated since I've been ill.
doˌmestiˈcation noun
domesticity (doumeˈstisəti) noun
(fondness for) home life.
domestic help
(a person paid to give) assistance with housework etc.
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The police on Wednesday arraigned two domestic help workers in an Ebute Meta Chief Magistrates' Court in Lagos, for allegedly stealing jewellery worth N50 million.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Sept 2 (ANI): A 91-year-old man, Krishna Khosla, was allegedly kidnapped from CR Park by domestic help and locked in a refrigerator.
'If any citizen spots a young child working as domestic help, he or she should immediately report it to the police and the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau,' he added.
RAHIM YAR KHAN -- A seven-year-old domestic help was beaten by a couple on Tuesday when she asked for food.
FAISALABAD -- Instead of protecting minor children against child labour, an employee of the local office of the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) allegedly got employed a nine-year-old boy as domestic help.
In February last year, the Philippines imposed a total deployment ban on Kuwait after authorities found inside a freezer the body of domestic help Joanna Demafelis, who was killed by her employers.
Summary: The Dubai resident stays with her husband, children and in-laws and they don't have a domestic help.
A special CBI court here announced the sentence against Koli, the domestic help of Noida businessman Moninder Singh Pandher.
The bench also ordered formation of child protection committees for the children working as domestic help.
Meera jee said that her domestic help has looted Rs 4 lac from her ATM besides jewellery, credit card and her purse.
'The rights of domestic workers have been violated ever since Pakistan came into being,' the court remarked before directing the provincial lawmakers to regulate the wage structure and working hours of domestic help.
On the contrary, the Bill prohibits employment of children under the age of 15 as domestic help, a non-hazardous industry.