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1. Of or relating to the family or household: domestic chores.
2. Fond of home life and household affairs.
3. Tame or domesticated. Used of animals.
4. Of or relating to a country's internal affairs: domestic issues such as tax rates and highway construction.
5. Produced in or indigenous to a particular country: domestic oil; domestic wine.
1. A household servant.
2. often domestics Household linens.
3. A product or substance discovered in, developed in, or exported from a particular country.

[Middle English, from Old French domestique, from Latin domesticus, from domus, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]

do·mes′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.domestically - with respect to the internal affairs of a government; "domestically, the president proposes a more moderate economic policy"
2.domestically - with respect to home or family; "the housewife bored us with her domestically limited conversation"


[dəʊˈmestɪkəlɪ] ADV
1. (= nationally) → nacionalmente
domestically and internationallynacional e internacionalmente
a domestically produced articleun artículo producido en el país
domestically produced goodsproductos mpl nacionales
2. (= in the home) he's not very domestically inclined (= not homely) → no es lo que se dice una persona muy casera; (= not keen on housework) → no le van mucho las tareas de la casa


(esp Pol, Comm) → inländisch; grown, producedim Inland; to be domestically ownedinländische/einen inländischen Besitzer haben; domestically and internationallyim In- und Ausland
(= in the home)im Haushalt; domestically inclinedhäuslich veranlagt
References in classic literature ?
Well, it WOULD lead towards a mixing of things,' Durdles acquiesces: pausing on the remark, as if the idea of ghosts had not previously presented itself to him in a merely inconvenient light, domestically or chronologically.
Within a period of six months, Iran plans to launch three domestically designed satellites.
5% ahead of the runner-up--the Italian car maker got into the market late but recovered lost ground in 2005, closing the year with 95% of its 400,000 vehicles sold domestically equipped with flex technology.
Full planes expected domestically as airlines scale back summer flights.
Do the authors have any figures on domestically acquired human infections with salmonellae in Denmark since early 1995?
Further, there is a perception that imported foods are less safe than domestically produced foods and that as U.
manufacturing affiliates in comparison with domestically owned firms are more oriented toward producing for the U.
banks generally engage in a broader range of securities activities abroad than is permitted domestically," said the Treasury secretary.
The issue in Transamerica Container is whether the ad valorem property tax on domestically owned international cargo containers, despite apportionment, creates a substantial or enhanced risk of international multiple taxation in violation of the Foreign Commerce Clause as interpreted by the U.
Sintokogio's recent acquisition of the Roberts Sinto Corp will provide North American foundries with domestically produced foundry equipment based on worldwide technology and will put Roberts Sinto in a much stronger position for continued growth, according to officials from both companies.
Sending a message to the Khozestan's Third Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Exhibition, minister of petroleum said: In addition to boosting oil and gas production capacity, self sufficiency in domestically manufacturing, generating knowledge and making equipments needed by oil industry are the other main priorities of the ministry.