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1. Of or relating to the family or household: domestic chores.
2. Fond of home life and household affairs.
3. Tame or domesticated. Used of animals.
4. Of or relating to a country's internal affairs: domestic issues such as tax rates and highway construction.
5. Produced in or indigenous to a particular country: domestic oil; domestic wine.
1. A household servant.
2. often domestics Household linens.
3. A product or substance discovered in, developed in, or exported from a particular country.

[Middle English, from Old French domestique, from Latin domesticus, from domus, house; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]

do·mes′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.domestically - with respect to the internal affairs of a government; "domestically, the president proposes a more moderate economic policy"
2.domestically - with respect to home or family; "the housewife bored us with her domestically limited conversation"
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[dəʊˈmestɪkəlɪ] ADV
1. (= nationally) → nacionalmente
domestically and internationallynacional e internacionalmente
a domestically produced articleun artículo producido en el país
domestically produced goodsproductos mpl nacionales
2. (= in the home) he's not very domestically inclined (= not homely) → no es lo que se dice una persona muy casera; (= not keen on housework) → no le van mucho las tareas de la casa
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(esp Pol, Comm) → inländisch; grown, producedim Inland; to be domestically ownedinländische/einen inländischen Besitzer haben; domestically and internationallyim In- und Ausland
(= in the home)im Haushalt; domestically inclinedhäuslich veranlagt
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'Well, it WOULD lead towards a mixing of things,' Durdles acquiesces: pausing on the remark, as if the idea of ghosts had not previously presented itself to him in a merely inconvenient light, domestically or chronologically.
ECBs with a minimum average maturity period of 7 years for repayment of Rupee loans availed domestically for capital expenditure.
Turkish Aerospace Industries has announced it has taken delivery of the first turboshaft helicopter engine designed and manufactured domestically, the company said.
Below are photos of voters on the second day of the referendum domestically. North Sinai Sheikh Zowayed Kafr El Sheikh Qalyoubeya Luxor Beheira Gharbeya Beni Suef Giza The referendum on constitutional amendments is held on April 20-22 domestically, and April 19-21 abroad.
He said internationally cotton is now 30% of the total fiber consumption and manmade fiber and filament is now at 70%, while the situation domestically is quite opposite.
Auto Business News-February 27, 2019--Zhejiang Geely Holding plans to launch first domestically mass-produced 5G and C-V2X-enabled vehicles in 2021
The Fateh is its first domestically produced cruise-missile submarine.
Based on our approach, domestically focused corporates in the eurozone can be rated up to two notches above the sovereign if the sovereign rating falls within the 'BBB' category.
NNA - Iran says it has launched a domestically built destroyer in the Persian Gulf capable of traveling some five months without refueling.
Sony's (SNE) "Venom" remained at number one, earning another $35.7M domestically in its second weekend.
Nepra statistics revealed power generation from domestically produced gas and imported LNG rose to 43.17 percent of overall electricity generation in February 2018.