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The public transport to be carried out in the framework of the lot n 1 are of regular nature and gather the rotations to be ensured continuously following a circuit to realize in an area of 10 km starting from the address of domiciliation of the contracting authority.
La domiciliation bancaire des produits finis "biscuits" sera gel[euro]u[c]e [euro]u partir de jeudi 1er mars 2018, apprend-on mercredi aupr[euro]uA s du minist[euro]uA re du Commerce.
Adegbiji urged newsmen to create more awareness on the importance of data domiciliation in the country.
Soon we will see investors flocking to Qatar from neighbouring countries seeking a new domiciliation.
This measure will benefit, he said, 500,000 citizens who are not employees and therefore cannot obtain a bank credit since the banks demand the domiciliation of wages, adding that the activity of beneficiaries of this fund which are required to pay the payment of taxes must be regulated.
Une source gouvernementale ayant requis l'anonymat a declare, mercredi, a l'Agence TAP qu'une large frange des Tunisiens notamment les personnes exercant dans les professions liberales et les services ne peuvent pas acceder au financement bancaire pour acquerir un logement, bien qu'elles repondent aux conditions financieres requises, sauf que les banques exigent la domiciliation des salaires.
Its core domiciliation and associated corporate services include the provision of directors, registered office, tax compliance, accounts preparation, secretarial and regulatory reporting.
Earlier this year, US president Barack Obama called on the congress for a tax reform, including tax inversion (moving business' domiciliation from one country to another to pay less taxes while operations largely remain in the first country) to ensure that corporates are paying their fair share.
He added that facilities also include free visa business debit card and other services such as unlimited cheque books, bills domiciliation and unlimited official statements of accounts, as well as special payroll plans for clients' employees.
Through its associated practices, it also provides property management, payroll and company domiciliation and management services.
500 DH), de domiciliation des troupes de theatre (770 mille DH), de residences artistiques et ateliers des techniques et de l'ecriture dramatique (320 mille dirhams), Theatre et arts de rue (220 mille DH), souligne la commission dans un communique sur les resultats de la domiciliation des troupes de theatre completant ceux de la premiere session au titre de 2016.
247 m2, le centre abritera un bureau de domiciliation des associations nouvellement creees, une unite dediee a la promotion de l'economie sociale et solidaire, des ateliers de formation et de renforcement des competences des associations et cooperatives, une salle d'informatique, un espace multimedia, une bibliotheque, des salles de seminaire et d'autres dependances.