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v. dom·i·nat·ed, dom·i·nat·ing, dom·i·nates
1. To control, govern, or rule by superior authority or power: Successful leaders dominate events rather than react to them.
2. To exert a supreme, guiding influence on or over: Ambition dominated their lives.
a. To enjoy a commanding, controlling position in: a drug company that dominates the tranquilizer market.
b. To be the most abundant in: Grasses dominate most salt marshes.
4. To overlook from a height: a view from the cliffside chalet that dominates the valley.
1. To have or exert strong authority or mastery.
2. To be situated in or occupy a position that is more elevated or decidedly superior to others.
3. To be predominant in an ecosystem.

[Latin dominārī, domināt-, to rule, from dominus, lord; see dem- in Indo-European roots.]

dom′i·na′tive adj.
dom′i·na′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
A great backflood directly took place from the center to the sides of the room, so that D'Artagnan found himself isolated and dominator.
THE DOMINATOR Donald Trump isn't used to listening to other people but at the G7 summit in Quebec last year he had to listen to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
CORSAIR has launched DOMINATOR PLATINUM RGB DDR4 Memory, raising the bar once again for premium, world-class DRAM.
Joining headliners Ryan Scope and Patricky "Pitbull" on the main card is Terry "The Dominator" Brazier (10-1), who will face Chris Bungard (11-4) in an all-British lightweight clash.
The Superbikes offered by the company include MV Agusta's Brutale 800 RR, Limited Edition Norton Commando and Dominator, SWM SuperDual, FB Mondial HPS 300, Hyosung Aquila 650 Pro and GT 250 R.
BAMMA 36 is a live World Lightweight title fight between defending champion Rhys 'Skeletor' McKee and former Welterweight champion Terry 'The Dominator' Brazier, who is looking to become the second fighter in BAMMA history to win titles in two divisions.
Using a textbook dominator serve, Vidas secured the first game 21-16.
British riders are expected to lead the way once more, though new regulations should mean series dominator Jonathan Rea faces a much tougher defence of his title.
Celtic's 69 domestic games unbeaten -- Celtic FC official Facebook page CAIRO -- 19 December 2017: Celtic FC, the dominator of Scottish football, stumbled on Sunday at home 0-4 against Hearts, leading them to be placed fourth in the standings of the table of the Scottish League.
LAHORE -- Favourite chestnut filly Gole Ki Queen lived up to her star bloodline credentials when she outclassed a high-pedigreed field of thoroughbred and half-bred juveniles to win the Dominator Cup during the Lahore Winter Meeting at the Racecourse here on Sunday.
As teased at the end of ( last week's episode , young Ray has befriended a baby Dominator, the same mind-controlling aliens who invaded Earth-1 during last season's Arrowverse crossover event.