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Arrogant in asserting or attempting to assert one's will over others; overbearing. See Synonyms at dictatorial.

dom′i·neer′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.domineeringly - in a domineering manner; "his wife behaved domineeringly"
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Throwing everything into the mix in the hour-long adaptation including puppetry both shadow and manual handling, mime, colourful innovative costumes and props with a huge lone peach set domineeringly on an empty stage, director Nick Sutcliffe's young cast rose to the occasion.
Murphy, "one participates in a place about which one tells stories, rather than merely observing it passively or domineeringly" (46).
At the beginning of the scene, Wan combs his wet hair, tending to him like a maid, but by the end, she leans domineeringly over him, mocking him.