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1. The theory or doctrine that Christians have a divine mandate to assume positions of power and influence over all aspects of society and government.
2. The belief that God gave humans the right to exercise control over the natural world.

do·min′ion·ist n. & adj.
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This has led to Dominionism, the idea that Christians are to take dominion over, literally, modern life in order to wrest control away from Satan and his demonic spirits so that Christians can bring about God's kingdom on Earth.
Reconstructionism: Theocratic Dominionism Gains Influence," The
Further, dominionism is arguably an obstacle to contemporary goals of the environmental and climate movements.
Synopsis: Yahweh to Hell comes at a time in our nation's political discourse when the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room is Christian Dominionism.
Farrell, who was born and raised in the region, sheds light on the historical development and influence of narrative elements such as manifest destiny, rugged individuals, human dominionism, Old West heritage, American imperialism, and environmentalistEs redemption of the natural world.
Arguing that White's conclusion--that religiously-endorsed, Genesis-based dominionism has led to the neglect of environmental concern--is too general to confirm through quantifiable measurements, Greely (19) chooses to limits himself to the study of a single, verifiable variable--the willingness to spend money on the environment.
Trained in both general semantics and Buddhist practice, he is the director of the Sunbear Community Alliance, a non-profit organization that specializes in collaboration with other nonprofits using art to give community members more understanding of our common "isms" including racism, sexism, adultism, able-ism, age-ism, religious fundamentalism, dominionism, heterosexism, xenophobia, and homophobia.
Christian Reconstructionism is also known as Dominionism or Theonomy and is characterized by the desire to bring all areas of life under the lordship of Christ.
The piece deftly shows the influence on Bachmann of the evangelical school of thought known as Dominionism, the belief that Christians must occupy all secular offices and that all systems should be built on biblical truth.
As Tablet Magazine columnist Michelle Goldberg explained in The Daily Beast, Perry (and Bachmann) subscribe to Dominionism, the theological-political theory that Christians should rule secular institutions.
Vantassel suggests that the term Dominionism be abandoned for his own neologism "Shepherdism.
125) Titus's direct influence likely combined with propitious political circumstances to encourage Robertson to adopt a moderate form of Christian reconstructionism, often called "soft dominionism.
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