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 (dō′nāt′, dō-nāt′)
v. do·nat·ed, do·nat·ing, do·nates
1. To present as a gift to a fund or cause; contribute.
2. Medicine To provide (blood, tissue, or an organ) for transfusion, implantation, or transplant.
3. Chemistry To provide (an electron or atom, for example) for combination with an acceptor.
To make a contribution to a fund or cause.

[Back-formation from donation.]

do′na·tor n.
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A person who gives to a charity or cause:
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It was nominated by a member of staff who has a personal connection to the charity and is a regular donator.
In the past it was impossible to identify the donator of contaminated blood.
The gently used 2015 Chevy Cruze is up for grabs to one lucky donator holding the winning ticket.
Once a PS100,000 target is reached at least PS7,600 is taken from the total before all the 24p fees for every donator are also removed, potentially causing major problems for people who think they have hit their vital target figure.
He was an avid donator to Mohegan Sun and an avid dancer of Polka's with his wife.
Also many thanks to the anonymous donator who regularly supports my charity, The Guide Dogs for the Blind.
He said: "Anyone who may have an unoccupied/disused 'brown field' site, an old chapel, barn, etc, which could be undertaken at a peppercorn rent or bequeathed, would be of use to us and then we would use the name of the donator at the heritage centre.
Each and every book donator and book buyer contributed towards this Noble initiative and we thank them all," the organisers said.
Leukemia cancer patients need bone marrow transplants from a coinciding donator to overcome hereditary anemia and impaired production of blood cells known as leukemia.
Its HQ is in Swindon and its main building is called Heelis, the married name of Beatrix Potter, a huge supporter and donator to the Trust.
But she was stunned when an anonymous donator left EUR20,000 in an envelope in Linehan's bar - enough to buy at least 11 defibrillators.
The donator candidates were physically evaluated and interviewed.