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Past participle of do1.
1. Having been carried out or accomplished; finished: a done deed.
2. Cooked adequately.
3. Socially acceptable: Spitting on the street is just not done in polite society.
4. Informal Totally worn out; exhausted.
be done
To have finished something: Are you done with your homework yet? Are they done eating dinner?
done for Informal
Doomed to death or destruction.
done in
Informal Totally worn out; exhausted.

done′ness n.
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the extent to which something is cooked sufficiently
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(ˈdʌn nɪs)

the condition of being cooked to a desired degree.
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Chef Carlo recommends flipping every 10 seconds to regulate internal temperature until desired doneness is reached.
In 2015, the company announced its expansion into smart kitchen hardware with its Joule product, the world's smallest sous vide immersion circulator controlled by a smartphone app that includes recipes, tips, and ground-breaking features like its Visual Doneness feature, precise sous vide control, and a robust collection of recipes created by the ChefSteps team.
The generously piled rice noodles are always cooked to a perfect doneness and taste the same all of the time.
being followed doneness habit and guilt another decade wiling
Owners of a gas-powered Weber Genesis II, Genesis II LX, or Spirit II barbecue can invest in this weatherproof digital thermometer, which monitors the 'doneness' of up to four cuts of meat at once and sends its data straight through to an app on your smartphone.
(Cut into center to check doneness.) Remove from the oven, uncover, spoon the butter sauce from the pan over the fish and serve.
Both are simply seared to your desired doneness on a hot, cast-iron pan and served straight away.
woodstove, turning it periodically and checking for doneness often.
Turn the salmon on the flesh side and keep in a warm place to finish cooking to your preferred doneness. In a plate, spoon the lime chilli aioli.
Place the ribs in the oven and roast for 11/2 to 2 hours, testing at 11/2 hours for doneness. The meat is ready when it's tender and easy to pull away from the bone.
Nothing quite satisfies a man's appetite like a huge chunk of good 'ol steak cooked to one's preferred level of doneness. For hardcore carnivores, steaks are top contender for the ultimate comfort food.
Sprinkled throughout this comestible cache, like informative amuse-bouches, are short essays on measuring, prepping, baking and testing for doneness like a pro.