donkey's tail

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don·key's tail

 (dŏng′kēz, dông′-)
A Mexican plant (Sedum morganianum) grown chiefly as a houseplant for its hanging, taillike stems covered with succulent, overlapping leaves. Also called burro's tail.
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He even essayed to put the paper donkey's tail to the coat-tails of Sir Leopold Fischer.
You could have done it by sleight of hand in a hundred other ways besides that pretence of putting a paper donkey's tail to Fischer's coat.
The most literal application of "the hair of the dog being good for the bite" in Korea, wrote Anabel Major Nisbet, is when a Korean mother ties hair from a donkey's tail around her child's neck to alleviate the cough.
She said: "It is beyond my imagination to try to think why anyone would think to chop off a donkey's tail like this.
Would you expect someone to break rank from a line of soldiers if asked: 'Are there any cowards here?' ' If you put the question to a classroom of school kids as to who pinned the donkey's tail on teacher's coat would you expect one shrill little voice to say: 'It was me, sir, I done it?'Carver's actions might be a PR exercise but they are nothing else.
Inside the church, the children were told a story about the 'Donkey's Tail', Christ's crucifixion and resurrection in a service conducted by Father Mark Liddell.
by fiesta games like palo sebo, buko sebo, pinata, pabitin, "pin the donkey's tail," scrabble, checkers (dama), sungka, sipa, tug-of-war and arm-wrestling, in which UP alumni and family members can take part and win prizes.