donkey work

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don′key work`

or don′key•work`,

tedious, repetitious work; drudgery.
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Do the donkey work and allow Shelvey the space and time to play his football.
SUBS ADAM TAGGART 2 Shared thankless donkey work with Mckay.
As in football you can do the donkey work, but know your place.
By doing the donkey work now, you'll have a perfect plot ready for planting in spring when the soil warms up.
In order to clarify, Judge Mr Justice Morgan, suggested to him his complaint was: "You were doing the Y donkey work.
Far more so than those who do the donkey work out in the streets of Cleveland.
With nobody willing to do the donkey work, and Roi Du Mee unable to, O'Connell decided to tear up the pre-race script.
Bearing the perils of a tactical race in mind, Ruby Walsh decided to make the pace on the Andrea and Graham Wylie-owned five-year-old and despite having to do the donkey work, Briar Hill's class shone through.
I suppose both of these will want a secretary to do all the donkey work, plus expenses adding to the cost.
Since only one horse in 50 was being used in the cavalry, most of the rest were, literally, doing heavy duty donkey work.
He had to do a lot of the donkey work and was still only beaten just over three lengths, so it was another good run.
Meltham IT was donkey work for the cast of a special nativity at a care home in the village, but young visitors and residents loved every minute of it.