donkeys years

don′key's years`
a very long time; eons.
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I asked my colleagues on the sports desk and someone mentioned something about Brian Flynn donkeys years ago, but nobody could come up with anything better than Teddy Sheringham's disguised lateral pass to Alan Shearer against Holland in Euro 96.
We had more pits than anyone else for donkeys years - and yet theNUMin other places can help their areas but NUM South Wales can't.
We've been crying out for a structured park for donkeys years in this area but this isn't going to wash
When Lancashire beat Gloucestershire in a Gillette Cup match donkeys years ago, it was so dark umpire Arthur Jepson famously asked a batsman appealing against the light "What's that up there?
FRENCH and Belgium populations and doubtless many others have been consuming and enjoying horsemeat for donkeys years.
PAUL BLACKWELL SAYS: "A rat's point of view: A spokesrat who asked not to be named said, "We have lived on the oblong piece of garden by TJ's for donkeys years.
Manchester, Sheffield, Liverpool, and Leeds are all lesser cities than Birmingham, but all these lesser cities are managed with vision and great integrity, and they have been for donkeys years.
The thieving has gone on for donkeys years, and getting the police involved was our last resort.
As if not having worked since leaving EastEnders donkeys years ago wasnt enough, hes now got to put up with doe-eyed Welsh rock star Cerys Matthews rolling her Rs at him through the foliage.
The rest of us have worked our balls off for donkeys years yet we can't even get a hospital bed.
We have talked to birders who have watched harriers and peregrines for donkeys years and they have never come across anything like this.