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(ˈdɒnərt) ,






Scot stunned
[C18: from Scottish dialect donner to astound, perhaps from Dutch donderen to thunder, from Middle Dutch donder thunder]
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I was at the Slieve Donnard Hotel in County Down, a very well known hotel in Ireland, aged about eight," he said.
It will be headlined by local star Duke Special, dance music duo 2ManyDJs and superstar house producer Deadmau5 - who played to 20,000 at Donnard Park in Newcastle, Co Down, last night.
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Swan as well as drawing closer the bonds that bind us to our literary friends and helpers, Father Donnard, Dean Harris, Rev.
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Those in favour of running the track up to the quarry on Slieve Donnard think it would allow disabled people access.
Quoted in Jean-Herve Donnard, Ionesco dramaturge ou I'Artisan et le demon (Paris: Minard, 1966), 192.
The driver is wanted for questioning on a series of motoring related offences and the RUC tracked the red Sierra he was driving to Donnard car park in the coastal town.