(ˈdɒnərt) ,






Scot stunned
[C18: from Scottish dialect donner to astound, perhaps from Dutch donderen to thunder, from Middle Dutch donder thunder]
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"Ye donnert ne'er-do-weel, do you come to a decent, 'sponsible man like me, wi' sic a Cyprian overture as that?
Caption: Photo by Dan Donnert, courtesy K-State Research and Extension News Media Services.
[21.] Donnert, G., et al., "Two-color far-field fluorescence nanoscopy," Biophysical Journal, Vol.
(69) In the interpretation of Sergei Solovyov and Erich Donnert it was the Emperor who suggested the partition of Poland-Lithuania ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], Mockba, 1960, 634; Donnert, E.
Donnert is an emeritus professor of nuclear engineering at Kansas State University.
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