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n. Informal
Something, especially a small device or part, whose name is unknown or forgotten.
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n. Informal.
1. a trinket or bauble.
2. a gadget; device.
[1870–75, Amer.; gradational compound perhaps based on dial. dad piece, flake]
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Noun1.doodad - something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not knowndoodad - something unspecified whose name is either forgotten or not known; "she eased the ball-shaped doodad back into its socket"; "there may be some great new gizmo around the corner that you will want to use"
stuff - miscellaneous unspecified objects; "the trunk was full of stuff"
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Informal. A small specialized mechanical device:
Informal: doohickey, widget.
Slang: gizmo.
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That is, the many of us who don't add much value would lack the money to buy the technology and other nonessential doodads produced with the capital owned largely by the wealthy.
Its benefits are folded into the glut of image processing, HDR and machine learning driven doodads that spit out impeccably sharp, tonally balanced and colourful images in a range of challenging lighting conditions.
There are satirical doodads throughout -- a Palm Springs Grief Retreat where participants sing Carry-On-Oke; a children's pop church choir called the Holy Harmonizers, whose repertoire includes a take on Hot Chocolate's 'You Sexy Thing'; an ethnically ambiguous restaurant.
The Back Alley Barbershop offered complimentary haircuts; Wine Depot and Apotheke mixed a mean gin and tonic; Jo Malone of London had an on-site engraver to etch initials on glass flacons and gave soothing hand treatments; there were the coolest doodads from Urban Traveller; Vintage Grail displayed some of their timepieces, like Patek Philippe and Rolex; Slow Days with their vinyls and audio equipment; a splendid Vespa red scooter was tried on by several dads, whose sale was earmarked for Global Fund HIV/AIDS; Smart Infinity showed the latest gizmos while a few enjoyed the Auro Chocolate, which provided artisanal chocolates and soft ice cream.
So while we're cutting today's Astros slack when it comes to online doodads and whatnots, it's the team's long-lost predecessors, the ones who actually started it all in Houston, who don't get the break today.
Jumps on top of the carpet and lets it carry me to the floor like a magic carpet, then chucks one of those little solar powered doodads...
To compete against a myriad of beeping electronic doodads, watchmakers are treading new paths-reinventing the alarm watch by developing new displays, optimizing setting systems to enable users to set their alarms to the nearest minute or associating this function with other useful complications, such as travel or diving watches.
Collectors also make a beeline for the pawnshop's treasures or doodads, and are prepared to pay accordingly-just $10 for an old electoral campaign button, or $100,000 for a vintage car that still runs and looks like a million bucks!
Their extensive array of customized jewelry collections includes Slates, Charms, Bunches, Doodads, Birthstone Jewelry, Stackable Rings, and Stylish Cuffs & Link Bracelets.
Sephora, which is owned by the French luxury conglomerate LVMH and has more than 2,300 locations in 33 countries, offers digitally savvy customers enough technological doodads and computer displays to make a Silicon Valley engineer blush.
Santa Fe, NM (866) 488-6824 ** WONDER WALKER BODY HALTER $26 Seven sizes, Dolan's Dog Doodads, from tiny to Seattle, WA extra large.
While the artist's hand is less overt in these starfish than in his past sculptures, the works reflect his ongoing interest in meticulously crafted objects that could nevertheless be mistaken for mass-produced doodads. The volcanoes were amateurishly rendered; the shamrock barely worth mentioning except that it was there.