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Noun1.door guard - someone who guards an entrancedoor guard - someone who guards an entrance  
commissionaire - a uniformed doorman
guard - a person who keeps watch over something or someone
night porter - a porter on duty during the night
ticket collector, ticket taker - someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchased tickets
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Could swim like a duck, paddled round the castle till he came to a little door guarded by two stout fellows, knocked their heads together till they cracked like a couple of nuts, then, by a trifling exertion of his prodigious strength, he smashed in the door, went up a pair of stone steps covered with dust a foot thick, toads as big as your fist, and spiders that would frighten you into hysterics, MIss March.
Recently, NiMCO again approached elobau to see if they could offer a pigtail version of the door guard switch they had been using.
Bend, OR, September 30, 2016 --( Builders Site Protection's newest temporary door protection product, Door Guard Plus, is now available.
Pilz says PSENmlock is a reliable door guard switch both for small or large, light or heavy, swinging or sliding doors, gates, covers and flaps and above and beyond these possible applications the flexibly mounted actuator ensures high tolerance compensation and unrestricted functionality even with sagging gates.
I showed my pass to the front door guard, and ran to the dog kennel.
When he learned that the main door guard was so worried
Guardian Defender automated barrier door guard smachinery, contains processes and protects employees from robotic/machine movement zones.
The vehicle features a new front fascia and grille, new front and rear spoilers, new chrome side door guard molding trim accents, new front and rear tire deflectors, and a new chrome license plate finisher.
The marshals will be employed by the firm Door Guard Security.
The RZ80EERS reversible door includes Quick Frost Box features, 5 Drawer capacity and Soft Frost Door Guard allowing plenty of storage and convenience for the kitchen of our consumers.
The sightseeing youngsters, all in smart blue uniforms, were stopped by a door guard and told: "You can't come in."
Protecting overhead door tracks and saving track repair costs, the Trak-Shield heavy-duty structural steel door guard absorbs the impact of forklifts and other in-plant vehicles.