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Noun1.doorcase - the frame that supports a door
doorjamb, doorpost - a jamb for a door
doorway, room access, door, threshold - the entrance (the space in a wall) through which you enter or leave a room or building; the space that a door can close; "he stuck his head in the doorway"
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
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Then Milady attempted to tear down the doorcase, with a strength apparently above that of a woman; but finding she could not accomplish this, she in her fury stabbed at the door with her poniard, the point of which repeatedly glittered through the wood.
It is only on entering this tranquil oasis that the size and scale of the five-bay house becomes apparent, with its mellow eighteenth-century brickwork and imposing doorcase, reached by a flight of steps.
An inconspicuous entrance off a side canal leads to an elegant marble staircase and then, on the piano nobile, to an imposing doorcase. Inside is a great salone --some 20m long, 10m wide and with a wooden beamed ceiling rising 7.5m above us.
The company will soon be launching STRATUS DoorCase products, which will include taller doors for showcasing more merchandise.
In this magnificently illustrated book, Terry is correctly identified as a Radical Classicist, who uses a rich and infinitely adaptable language of architecture (as opposed to the monosyllabic grunts favoured by his enemies), and is capable of the utmost sensitivity, as in his remodelling of the Church of St Helen, Bishopsgate, London, following the damage it sustained after two explosions caused by the IRA in 1992-3: it was a commission that Terry himself said gave him more satisfaction than any other, and the robust Classical doorcase in the west wall of the south transept demonstrates the radicalism to which Watkin refers in his apt title.
The doorcase, with its profuse decoration, has been called 'a masterpiece of Ludlow carpentry.'