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Either of the two vertical pieces framing a doorway and supporting the lintel. Also called doorpost.


(Building) one of the two vertical members forming the sides of a doorframe. Also called: doorpost


(ˈdɔrˌdʒæm, ˈdoʊr-)

either of the two sidepieces of a door opening. Also called doorpost.
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Noun1.doorjamb - a jamb for a door
doorcase, doorframe - the frame that supports a door
jamb - upright consisting of a vertical side member of a door or window frame
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The proper inflation pressure can be found by checking the vehicle's owner's manual or the placard found on the driver's side doorjamb, glove box or fuel door.
Susan opens the front door a smidgen of a crack, one foot behind her, the other pressing into the doorjamb.
He reminds me of when we were kids, when he would stand in the door of my room with his arms crossed and his foot blocking the doorjamb until I gave in and let him play Legos with me.
These are "floor level" markings on the doorjamb (on the inside of the door frame in the building hallway corridor, 12 inches above the floor, downwards).
Following the altercation, both the teens were said to have been handcuffed, when Nucera allegedly grabbed the 18-year-old man's head and slammed it "into the right side of the metal doorjamb," according to the affidavit.
An officer allegedly placed his hand on the man's back and began to push him forward when Nucera stepped in, grabbing the handcuffed teen's head and slamming it into a metal doorjamb, making a loud thud, the complaint alleges.
It appears that the mansion must be disassembled doorjamb by doorjamb, and perhaps never entirely brought down, no matter how wrongly constructed it might be.
After measurement, the under- or over-inflated tires were set to the (corrected) manufacturer recommended values found on the driver-side doorjamb of the vehicle.
Sags in automotive topcoats usually are subtle, although very occasionally there will be a drip down a vertical on a deck lid, under the cut-out for the gas cap, or along a doorjamb. Often, the defect only is noticeable if there are fine pops or pinholes that occur in the thick area.
The door must fit within a larger doorjamb, which can be as simple as upright poles on either side, secured to the frame at the top, with a lintel cross-piece.