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The election will depend on how marginal constituencies vote in the North and the Midlands - and that means every doorknock counts.
As for the direction for the next few years, I would be focused on building upon the efforts of my predecessors in the AmCham board of governors including to continue to promote Egypt as a destination for business for US companies and to support Egyptian enterprises in identifying business opportunities in the US market; the annual Doorknock mission, where a delegation of top-level executives representing companies and businesses that operate in Egypt visit Washington, DC to meet with the US business community and others to share different opportunities and prospects about Egypt's economic and business environment.
As we underlined in the 'Doorknock' visit to the U.S., full enforcement of the amended KORUS will be vital to yield benefits for American businesses and workers.
Like in Mr Osborne's case, that doorknock can end with a handshake and a pledge of support at the ballot box.
5 Doorknock and letterbox your neighbourhood and let the community hear what is happening to our public hospitals, Medicare and Aged Care from the perspective of nurses and midwives.
Those tools include action steps for "Running a Doorknock Operation," in which advocates and candidates go door-to-door, a guide to increasing voter registration and information on being a successful citizen activist.
Perhaps influenced by the cable show "Gordon Elliott's Doorknock Dinners," KDNL-TV News Director Jeff Alan came up with a novel idea for May sweeps called "Bringing News Home." On "Doorknock Dinners"--as suggested by the title--Elliott knocks on people's doors and asks to make dinner.
The American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt (AmCham Egypt), will beginits annual Doorknock mission to the US which will be in April,President of AmCham ,Tarek Tawfik, informed Daily News Egypt, withholding revealing any more details due to the ongoing preparations.
congressmen to make efforts to enroll all eligible Koreans in the Global Entry program during its April visits to key figures of the Trump administration, congress and policy think tanks, called "AMCHAM Doorknock."
AmCham Egypt's 40th Doorknock Mission went to Washington DC with 35 delegates, representing a wide range of industries, saidTarek Tawfik, president of AmCham Egypt in April, adding, "it was a marathon of more than 95 intense meetings in just five days, reaching most decision centres, think tanks, and media.
Apparently Lady Astor's top brass naval escort, an admiral, blushed the colour of his Red Duster when she canvassed a rather rough area of Plymouth in 1919 and had one doorknock answered by a girl who explained that her mother wasn't at home.