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Noun1.doorstopper - a stop that keeps open doors from moving
catch, stop - a restraint that checks the motion of something; "he used a book as a stop to hold the door open"
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Another notable one is Ivan Goncharov's Oblomov (1859), which just clocks in a doorstopper with translations spanning from around 500 to 550 pages, but the entire first part, over 50 pages, just describes the title character trying to get out of his bed -- and on to a chair.
The over 1,100-page-long doorstopper covering the battle between Protestants and Catholics in 16th century Europe sold extremely well considering its rather steep price of e1/436 ($43).
Chic Crafts Touch of Craft Managing Partner Julie Carceller shows an animal doorstopper, one of the brand's top selling products.
My son decides to choose soup of the day, which today was homemade tomato, and basil that arrived a huge doorstopper wedge of Henllan bread.
In a new commercial for the Swedish DIY giant, Kor complains that the company's new mifratonthat would be the proper Hebrew term for the thick doorstopper featuring the company's furnitureshould be translated so that every sofa, armoire, or end table receive their proper designation in the language of the prophets.
I'd estimate the majority of controlled deliveries I've seen have involved quantities that are consistent with personal use," criminal defense attorney Rick Collins writes in Legal Muscle, his 2002 doorstopper on U.
He concedes, or affects to concede, that the move to autobiography arose as a reply, a reaction to "a recently published account of my life"--Adam Sisman's John le Carre: The Biography, a six-hundred-page doorstopper that appeared in 2015.
Overall, though, this doorstopper lacks the stand-out delights of Bennett's two previous prose selections.
Leite, "Rock stress measurements at great depth using the modified doorstopper gauge," in Proceedings of the International Symposium Rock Stress, Japan, K.
Leveson's report, a 2,000-page doorstopper, was published a year later.
This absorbing doorstopper from acclaimed biographer Adam Sisman promises to change that with a study informed by hundreds of hours' access to the man himself.
At more than 600 pages and presented as a dossier containing emails, ship schematics, private journals and the transcribed "thoughts" of AIDAN, Illuminae is a bit of a doorstopper, but one readers will be hard-pressed to set down after page one.