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or doo·zie  (do͞o′zē)
n. pl. doo·zies Slang
Something extraordinary, impressive, or unique: a doozy of a hailstorm.

[Probably alteration of daisy, splendid person or thing (perhaps influenced by the name of Eleonora Duse (1858-1924), Italian actress).]


n, pl -zies
slang something excellent: the plot's a doozy.


(ˈdu zi)

also doo•zer


n. Informal.
something remarkable of its kind.
[1925–30, Amer.; earlier also dozy, of uncertain orig.]
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Gains were extended on global indices as well, feeding back into the pre-open gains on Wall Street, with a fairly light docket on tap today as only the budget deficit will be reported late in the session, though it may be a doozy.
It's on Saturday, December 16, and should be a doozy.
ATALE of a cynical theatre critic, enduring a doozy of a mid-life crisis, suffering for love and hanging out with vampires?
com)-- Doozy Cards, the online greeting cards company known for offering unique animated eCards for birthdays, holidays, and other occasions, has announced a new line of Postcards available to "post" or share on social media platforms for free.
All prior to his latest doozy about Senator John McCain.
He illustrated an entire comic book and it's a visceral, shimmering and oozing doozy.
It's also a doozy of a device, with a fast Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM that more than competes with Apple's and Samsung's trendier devices.
Formed more than 30 years ago, founding member Stephen McRobbie remains at the helm on Slow Summits, with Katrina Mitchell his long-time foil, and a stellar supporting cast including Teenage Fanclub''s Gerard Love to help create a sweet doozy of an album.
The fun thing is researching what are the really haunted places in America, and we have a couple of doozy locales.
92) to learn about a doozy of a press event--LD+A editor Wanda Jankowski's sojourn to Saudi Arabia, which turned into the cover story in the March 1985 issue.
o Given the fanfare that accompanied Channel 4's new-look line-up after the Beeb departed the racing scene to instead bring us the delights of Bargain Hunt on a Saturday - this weekend's show promises to be a doozy, wth the teams hunting for bargains in Peterborough - it was a little surprising that Clare Balding wasn't at the helm for the Welsh National on Saturday.
The snowfall wasn't all that heavy, but the timing was a doozy.