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(ˈdɔːreɪ; -riː)
(Animals) another name for walleye5, walleye6
[C18: from French, gilded; see dory]


(French dɔre)
(Biography) (Paul) Gustave (ɡystav). 1832–83, French illustrator, whose style tended towards the grotesque. He illustrated the Bible, Dante's Inferno, Cervantes' Don Quixote, and works by Rabelais
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(Paul) Gustave, 1832?–83, French painter and illustrator.
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The first was Joan Stacey, the sister of the dead woman--evidently she had been upstairs in the temporary temple of Apollo; the second was the priest of Apollo himself, his litany finished, sweeping down the empty stairs in utter magnificence--something in his white robes, beard and parted hair had the look of Dore's Christ leaving the Pretorium; the third was Flambeau, black browed and somewhat bewildered.
How many of my readers would have the industry and application to memorize two thousand verses, even for a Dore Bible?
Him through the spicie Forrest onward com ADAM discernd, as in the dore he sat Of his coole Bowre, while now the mounted Sun Shot down direct his fervid Raies, to warme Earths inmost womb, more warmth then ADAM need; And EVE within, due at her hour prepar'd For dinner savourie fruits, of taste to please True appetite, and not disrelish thirst Of nectarous draughts between, from milkie stream, Berrie or Grape: to whom thus ADAM call'd.
Huge-boned, tall, gaunt to cadaverousness, his face a dirty death's head, he was as repellent a nightmare of old age as ever Dore imagined.
himself upon being the link between Dore and Tennyson as celebrated by
The company has completed a 54-hole resource definition program as part of the Mount Dore pre-feasibility study, and assay results show high-grade copper intercepts ranging from 0.98%-5.77% eCu from eight holes.
Eugene's six runs matched the total it scored in the previous five games, and Dore's three-run homer provided more offense than the Ems had scored in any of those five games.
The programme, set up by Welshman Wynford Dore, from Cardiff, involves physical exercise and repetitive tasks designed to improve brain functioning.
Unfortunately no assessments were available until Mollie reached Year Three of school so Yvette contacted the Dore programme and arranged for a private assessment when Mollie was seven.
"[Democratic elections are] indeed the required path for our country to attain stability," Dore said at an inauguration ceremony on Tuesday.
Mirage Dore (9-2), owned by Dobbin's mother and father Sarah and Duncan Davidson, jumped to the front at the second-last fence and fairly sprinted away on the run-in to score by six lengths from Blue Shark.
Top right: a youngish man with a very smart waistcoat, photographed at Frank Dore's studio at 3, Bath Terrace, Lockwood.