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In the Dork Diaries series, the protagonist, Nikki Maxwell, is recording her accounts in her new school with her friends and her frenemies.
Four days out of the year talented Dorks of the world meet under one roof at BB King's Blues Club in Nashville Tennessee.
She comes to understand why Becky would "do anything" to be popular but decides against this path; she ultimately forms her own quirkily likeable pack of dorks. Humorous and honest, this should appeal to both female and male readers.--Cynthia Winfield.
Stana tweets the photo and calls the two of them "two dorks in Florence." (Hydra is a villainous organisation in ABC's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." where Brett plays Agent Ward.
Was I too sometimes a dork? Probably, but I'd rather be a dorky "gun guy" than just a regular dork any day.
I am usually in sweatpants and a scrunchie, being a dork. But when I hear his funny laugh, I am like, 'Damn, I feel pretty'," the Daily Express quoted Barrymore as saying.
Her older sister Beezus is a pain, her Aunt Bea may marry a dork, and her Dad just lost his job.
So this is kind of a nice full circle, and now I'm a total comic dork."
DORK DIARIES, by Rachel Renee Russell DO you fit in at school or work?
The model, who is originally from the Dominican Republic, said she had sex with the 74-year-old media mogul and statesman out of gratitude because he had paid for urgent medical treatment for her five year-old daughter and helped her find work on television - including on a programme called The Hot Chick and the Dork.
Over to you, Dork No2: "I consider myself an absolutely fantastic salesman.