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1. Slang A stupid, inept, or foolish person: "the stupid antics of America's favorite teen-age cartoon dorks" (Joshua Mooney).
2. Vulgar Slang The penis.

[Perhaps from dork, variant of dirk.]

dork′i·ness n.
dork′y adj.
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slang the quality or character of a dork
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He brings to the table equal parts dorkiness and charm, making the audience crack up, gush and even swoon at just the right times.
Their employees were rich -- congenital dorkiness having become phenomenally lucrative -- and a "new economy" was on the horizon.
Virtual reality is slowly nudging its way into mainstream acceptance despite the relatively high price tag and the inevitable dorkiness of groping in the air wearing a giant pair of VR goggles.
We are all shy sons of Pakistani immigrants, united by our utter dorkiness, lack of social skills and inherent love of lentils.
Her ambivalence is a mixture of refusing to recognize her own developing crush and her embarrassment that he's the object of her desire; though he's sweet, his intermittent dorkiness casts a shadow.
Without jumping into impression territory, she quietly inhabits the mannerisms, laugh, and dorkiness of a young Diane Keaton.