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Noun1.dorm room - a large sleeping room containing several bedsdorm room - a large sleeping room containing several beds
bedchamber, bedroom, sleeping accommodation, sleeping room, chamber - a room used primarily for sleeping
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He also noted that he had concerns about having any further dates in the dorm room after he heard people laughing and joking outside Clementi's dorm window.
Dorm room phones, once a solid revenue stream of long distance charges, now rarely ring, and IHEs either don't necessarily provide landline handsets or may not even have the service installed in new buildings.
Looking around her dorm room, blue bedspread in place, black and white abstract art hung above the bed near a poster of the Beatles, Colette said she felt a plethora of emotions.
One step into the dorm room, and he's already getting laid.
Stephen's looks at the altar in her dorm room and says, "Aren't Mexicans obsessed with death?" Later, when death becomes all too real for Sofia, she understands how her family has from the beginning helped prepare her for accepting death as a part of life.
MINNEAPOLIS-Designer Todd Oldham, whose Dorm Room home furnishings line debuted this summer exclusively at Target, will unveil an updated version of the collection, renamed Home Room, in July.
IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Two former University of Iowa students were placed on two years' probation for building pipe bombs in their dorm room.
While you are loading the car with everything your college-bound student needs for their dorm room, remember to save space for some houseplants.
A few years ago, one of my dorm room designs won a campus award.
The Twin XL dorm bed is the largest area the college student has to decorate, which makes the dorm bed become a centerpiece for dorm room decor.
Bring a backpack; fill it with fruit, soup crackers and bread to bring back to your dorm room. Gatorade bottles can be refilled at the soft drink stations.
Few students would not want to know that a convicted sex offender lives in the dorm room next door.