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dor·nick 1

A coarse damask.

[Middle English, after Doornik (Tournai), Belgium, where it was originally woven.]

dor·nick 2

n. Lower Northern US
A stone small enough to throw from a field being cleared.

[Probably from Irish Gaelic dornóg, a small round stone that can be easily flung with the hand, from dorn, fist, from Old Irish.]


(ˈdɔːnɪk) or


(Textiles) a heavy damask cloth, formerly used for vestments, curtains, etc
[C15: from Doornik Tournai in Belgium where it was first manufactured]


US a small stone or pebble
[C15: probably from Irish Gaelic dornōg, from dorn hand]


(ˈdɔr nɪk)

a small stone that is easy to throw.
[1830–40, Amer.; < Irish dornóg small casting stone (literally, fistful)]
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